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Layoffs Suck

One week ago, my company announced its first quarter results. Additionally, they announced an 8% workforce reduction with details to come today.

At 10:00am, we were herded into the break room for the announements. The facility I work with employed over 120 people when we started today.

The facility at which I still have a job will employ only about 60 people as of October 5. The manufacturing group was completely axed. My manager was axed as well.

Honestly, we were a little manager-heavy in the engineering group. We had 4 managers for the software engineers, and only twenty-some engineers. Most of the other managers deal with 10 or so people. Two of the software managers were hit in the layoffs. As I said, mine was one of them.

I wonder why. Part of me wonders if it's my fault. If I did something that my manager is being made to take the fall for.


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