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Pay for Play...

I've had Windows XP for a bit now. Everyone (well, every geek) I talk to says that Windows XP is evil. Activation is evil. Microsoft is evil. Bloat is evil.

But... is ClearType bloat? ClearType makes the laptop display look so much better (at least w/ scalable fonts). Are new graphics bloat? They look nice, and remind me of more modern systems (mac, beos). Besides, graphical elements let you recognize things faster than you might otherwise. The START area is so much easier to find now that it's green and the rest of the bar is blue.

I'm going through a geek identity crisis... I want to use Linux. That is, I want to want to use Linux. In college, this made sense: I had no money. Linux had all the new toys with a very collegiate price tag. But now... now I have to fight with computers all day. I make my living making code work in test equipment. At home, I don't want to compile. I don't want to upgrade libraries. I want to install the newest finished toy and play.

LiveJournal journal app. New program revs. New games. New little taskbar things.

Part of me wants to create, to write something... GPL maybe. But it'd be just for me. No one else would care about what I want. I don't want to mess with it.

And now, at work, they are planning on using Linux is a new product. But I keep seeing things that scream to me that they don't know what they're doing. The result is going to be ugly I believe. Linux is too much of a cure-all for some people.

No matter the problem, a little Linux 'll cure ya!


Give me windows. Give me macos. Give me a finished system that looks pretty. I've had enough of this "technical merit" crap. The windows desktop works. Linux doesn't. I'll pay for works.

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