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Under the heading of "too mucn information:"

God I am so non-social... it's been so long since I've talked to any of my friends from college.

Kermit, the ex, who is now military. I should e-mail her, I think it's my turn, but... damn. I don't know where I really am with her. Things were weird, and I'm afraid that never really wanted me around anyway.

Jeff, the former roomie. Haven't seen him since last October. Fun guy, was much more social than me. I was always surprised that he was willing to be my roomie. I mean... why room with me?

Anna, who is really hard to categorize. I almost jumped on her after Kermit dumped me. But I didn't. The guys in the dorm that year I recall making fun of her... I dunno. Options passed by. She's tied for closest geographically of these people.

Jackie, the computer geek match. I met him at a workstudy assignment. I don't know how it happened, but I guided him through his early days of Linux. But his computer geeking has gone down since he's had two kids, of course that's not unreasonable. But I don't keep in touch about anything.

There's everyone from high school... never kept in touch with any of them. Well, except Emily, who tracked my e-mail down. Again, an oddball in band that everyone else just joked about.

I guess I always feel for people who aren't popular. I mean, popularity is relative.

(I delude myself with these thoughts.)

Julia... the first female friend I made in college I think. We were in the same introductory engineering class. I was in the room early. Sat in one of the front-row seats. Two girls in the class... one sits beside me, one sits behind me. Weird.

Even weirder: professor-assigned teams for semester project. I was teamed with the two girls. Lucky engineer boy. Julia was a pretty good friend I guess. It's all weird.

My friends are female. Very few guys are friends.

Freshman year of college... I joined the "Tech Independent" student newspaper. By the end of the fall semester, the paper had folded. But I met Charlie.

Charlie never really was a friend. But he was openly gay. Later I spent more time with him in the LGBA (lesbian gay bisexual association) when Kermit & I "came out".

Not that I feel like I "came out." I have a girlfriend. End of story. Hardly bisexual. At times I think I'd like a boyfriend, but I don't think Lis could deal with it. Or would deal with it. I dunno...

I don't know an awful damn lot.

(Not surprising idiot.)

A point... ummm... I don't know if there is a point. I'm weird. I'm trying to figure myself out as much as you might.

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