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Last night was Buffy night at the Maus Pad, and I had a very… - Sam's Journal

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May 7th, 2003

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08:44 am
Last night was Buffy night at the Maus Pad, and I had a very important thing to take with me to the festivities -- Suzy!

Maus got in touch with me on an IM during the day to confirm my offer of a ride for Suzy from Costa Mesa back to her place, and I confirmed. So Maus got Suzy onto the train from San Diego to Irvine, where I picked her up after I left work, ran by home to pick up Dee, and headed northward to the festivities.

Of course, I knew during the day that I didn't really get enough sleep lately, so I was sure to take crash supplies with me for the expected crash. And crash I did do, and awake I finally am. It's just 15 before 9, so the traffic should be settled down, and I'll probably get to work by 10:30ish. If you're awake right now, cross your fingers and give me some happy thoughts about getting back home without much traffic nastiness.

The drive up from Costa Mesa was amazingly nice, traffic was flowing at-speed the entire way, I think the biggest slowdown was to 55 right as I got the car into the line for the exit off the 405.

But this is my quick entry, once I get settled at work I'll probably have more to say. I'll finish with it was a great night, thanks Suzy & Maus for hosting us yet again and letting us crash out on your floor!
Current Mood: waking up

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