Sam's Journal

Experience The Insanity

22 March 1976
The World According to Sam
I find the following truths to be self-evident:
  • You will want to spend more money than you make.
  • You will receive 5 credit card offers for every piece of real mail.
  • My user info page is about the most boring page in the universe.
  • I prefer peanut M&Ms.
  • Firefox has never rendered (and as of Firefox 4.0, still doesn't render) lists in tables correctly. I've yet to see another browser with the defect.
  • I'm moving back to Orange County after exploring "Silicon Valley." At least I've been there, now.
  • Hour-long commutes aren't so bad if you have a fair number of podcasts to listen to.
  • Opportunity knocks, but you have to be listening for it!

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